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How To Read a Slurry Pump Curve

How To Read a Slurry Pump Curve


As shown in the figure, this is a clear water performance curve of a Slurry Pump with an impeller diameter of245mmand model SMAH75-C(D) at different speeds.The performance curve (or characteristic curve) of a Centrifugal Slurry Pump is an external manifestation of the law of liquid movement in the pump, which can only be measured in practice at present. Characteristic curves include: The Flow/Head curve (Q-H pump curve) (shown in Figure 1); The Flow/Efficiency curve (Q/η pump curve) (shown in Figure 2); The Flow/Net Positive Suction Head required by the pump curve (Q-NPSHr pump curve) (shown in Figure 3). Figure 4 represents The Flow/Head curve at a speed of 2000 r/min. The function of the performance curve is to find a set of relative head (H), efficiency (η) and NPSHr on the curve at any flow point of the pump. This set of parameters is called the working state, referred to as the working condition or working condition point. The working condition of the higher efficiency point of the centrifugal pump is called the better working condition point, and the preferred working condition point is generally the design working condition point. Generally, the rated parameters of the centrifugal pump, that is, the design operating point and the preferred operating point coincide or are close. In practice, the efficiency interval is selected, that is, energy saving, and the pump can be guaranteed to work normally.

The basic curve for performance is The Flow/ Head (Q-H) curve, showing the relation between the discharge head of the slurry and the capacity (volume flow) at constant impeller speed.

NPSHr: The Net Positive Suction Head required by a centrifugal pump, at any given point on it`s The Flow/Head characteristic curve, is the minimum net positive suction head value which the liquid pumped must posses at a point close to the pump suction flange, in order to avoid pump cavitation.

SMAH75-C(D) performance curves

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