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Routine Maintenance of Slurry Pump

Routine Maintenance of Slurry Pump


1)When the Slurry Pump in gland sealed is in use, the gland seal water pressure and water volume should meet the requirements, and the tightness of the packing should be adjusted (or replaced) at any time, so as not to cause slurry leakage of the shaft seal, and the shaft sleeve shall be replaced in time.

2) When replacing the bearing, it is necessary to ensure that there is no dust in the bearing assembly and the lubricating oil is clean. Generally speaking, the bearing temperature during pump operation should not exceed 60-65 ℃ and the maximum should not exceed 75℃.

3) To ensure the coaxiality of the motor and the pump, to ensure that the elastic cusion in the coupling is complete and correct, and replace it in time after damage.

4) Ensure that the pump components and pipeline system are installed correctly, firmly and reliably.

5)Some parts of the slurry pump are wearing parts. Pay attention to the wearing of the wearing parts in daily use, and repair or replace them in time. During the repair or replacement of the consumable parts of the slurry pump, it is necessary to ensure that the assembly is correct, the clearance is adjusted reasonably, and the phenomenon of tight friction is avoided.

6) The suction pipeline system of the slurry pump must be free of air leakage. At the same time, pay attention to whether the suction port is blocked. The medium that the slurry pump needs to deal with often contains solid particles, so the grille placed in the pump pool should meet the requirements of the particles that the slurry pump can pass, reducing the possibility of blockage caused by excessively large particles or long fiber materials entering the pump body.

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