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We have designed the new slurry pump delivery system

We have designed the new slurry pump delivery system


The New Slurry Pump Transport System

1. Introduction

Centrifugal Slurry Pumps such as metal pumps, rubber-lined pumps, ceramic pumps etc. are widely used in mining, electric power, metallurgy ,dredge, coal and other industries. The market share of the metal slurry pumps has been ranked the first for decades, and its market capacity is reaching 10 billion. With the technology development of all industries, the newer and higher requirement has been put forward in the new era of social development. The existing slurry pump delivery systems need to be updated for solving the following problem during use:

A. Customize products for use conditions are needed.

B. The MTBF should be expanded more regularly, and the service life of all vulnerable parts should be as same as possible.

C. The product can be adaptive to changing performance point.

D. The product seal should be leak-free to achieve environmental protection.

E. The product is highly efficient and energy-saving throughout its life cycle.

2. The design idea of the new slurry pump system.

The Goal of the new slurry pump system:High efficiency, energy saving, stable operation, safe and reliable, long life and convenient control.

For this goal, we put forward new design ideas.

2.1 [Four Parts Three Match"

The design is optimized taking pipe installation, slurry pump, motor, control system as a whole system. We have fully considered the role of pressure, flow, pipe line, slurry, equipment and other factors to make [four parts three match " perfect.

2.2 Reasonable selection and optimization design of slurry pump must be needed.

2.3 High efficiency permanent magnet motor is preferred.

2.4 Optimize the design of automatic control to realize adaptive working of system, and realize the real-time monitoring and the control of mobile phones, computers.

3. The core of the new slurry pump: "Four Parts Three Match"

3.1 Four Parts

four parts

As shown in above picture, the slurry pump system consists of pipe line, slurry pump, motor, control system four parts.

3.2 Three Match

The matching between the four parts of the slurry pump conveying system, the slurry pump, the motor and the control system determines the operation effect of the system. We conducted in-depth investigation and research, and obtained a good result by analyzing a large amount of experimental data, and proposed a new slurry pump delivery system.

No. 1 Match-The match between pump and pipe line

pump pipe

In above picture,

A-----Q-H curve of pump

B---Q-H curve of pipe line



m----working point

d--- Pump cavitation critical point

In the new slurry pump system, the performance of the pump and the piping are automatically matched perfectly. The pump is always operating at the optimum point of efficiency, extending pump life and reducing operating costs of the conveyor system.

No. 2 Match

Speed-torque CurveAs shown in the picture above:In the new slurry delivery system , the working curve of the motor and the power curve of the pump are matched perfectly. The load rate of the motor is maintained within a certain range, the torque meets the pump torque requirement, and the motor ensures safe operation in the high efficiency zone to achieve energy saving effect.

The high-efficient load rate of rare earth permanent magnet motor is higher ordinary motor, and it is easy to match to pump.

No. 3 match-The match between motor and control system

The Variable frequency control system changes the frequency of the motor according to a certain rule to ensure that the motor can smoothly and efficiently operate whether it is starting or adjusting the speed during operation.

Each part of the new slurry pump delivery system installs flow, pressure, vibration, voltage, current and other sensors according to the requirements. According to the feedback signals of the sensors, the Variable frequency control system changes the operating parameters of the system according to the optimal scheme, so as to achieve the slurry pump delivery system running at its best.

The variable frequency control system can transport the real-time data to the server and analyze the data. It has certain guiding significance for equipment maintenance, vulnerable parts replacement and construction technology.

The new slurry pump system we designed has been tested in coal, desulfurization, mining and other industries, and has achieved good results in energy saving and reliability.

New project: provide the newest idea design scheme

Renovation project: provide the best technological transformation scheme according to real working conditions

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