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Shijiazhuang Soarho Machinery Co LTD is a professional manufacture base of slurry pump mine pump FGD pump dredge pump and water pump in China combining scientific research design manufacture marketing and service in one with strict quality control system and science complete service system Having strong technical force the company which has a senior pump design manufacturing and application engineer team continues to improves level and quality of service in order to bring greater value to the users We not only provide products to users but also provide a complete solution for slurry transportation for user to achieve a significant effect in environmental protection energy saving lasting...

Categories and Products

Horizontal Centrifugal Slurry Pump

AH(R) Series Heavy Duty Slurry Pumps

1 Inch AH Centrifugal Slurry Pump 2/1.5B-AH High Duty Slurry Pump 3/2C-AH Heavy Duty Slurry Pump 4/3C-AH heavy Duty Slurry Pump 4/3D-AH Heavy Duty Slurry Pump 6/4D-AH Heavy Duty slurry Pump 6/4E-AH Heavy Duty Slurry Pump 8/6E-AH Heavy Duty Slurry Pump 8/6R-AH High Duty Slurry Pump 10/8ST-AH High Duty Slurry Pump 12/10ST-AH Large Slurry Pump 14/12ST-AH Heavy Duty Large Slurry Pump series AH Heavy Duty Slurry Pump SMAH25-B Centrifugal Slurry Pump SMAH38-B Heavy Duty Slurry Pump SMAH50-C Heavy Duty Slurry Pump SMAH75-C Heavy Duty Slurry Pump SMAH75-D Heavy Duty Slurry Pump SMAH100-D Heavy Duty Slurry Pump SMAH100-E Heavy Duty Slurry Pump 

M Series Light Duty Slurry Pumps

10/8E-M Light Duty Slurry Pump 10/8R-M Light Duty Slurry Pump SMM200-E Light Duty Slurry Pump SMM200-R Light Duty Slurry Pump 

L(R) Series Light Duty Slurry Pumps

20A-L Light Slurry Pump 50B-L Light Slurry Pump 75C-L Light Slurry Pump 100D-L Light Slurry Pump 150E-L Light Abrasion Slurry Pump 300S-L Centrifugal Slurry Pump 350S-L Large Slurry PUMP 400ST-L Large Centrifugal Slurry Pump 450ST-L High Performance Slurry Pump SML(R )20-A Light Abrasion Slurry Pump SML(R )50-B Light Abrasion Slurry Pump SML(R)75-C Light Abrasion Slurry Pump SML(R)100-D Light Abrasion Slurry Pump SML150-E Light Slurry Pump SML300-S Centrifugal Slurry Pump SML350-S Centrifugal Slurry Pump SML400-ST Centrifugal Slurry Pump SML450-ST Centrifugal Slurry Pump 550TU-L Centrifugal Slurry Pump SML550-TU Centrifugal Slurry Pump 

ZGB(P) Series High Efficiency Slurry Pumps

150ZGB High Head slurry pump 80ZGB High Head slurry pump 100ZGB High Head slurry pump 65ZGB High Head Slurry Pump 200ZGB High Head slurry pump 250ZGB High Head Slurry Pump 300ZGB High Head Slurry Pump ZGB High Head and High Duty Slurry Pump 

ZJ Series High Head Slurry Pumps

ZJ series High Efficiency Slurry Pump 40ZJ-I-A17 High Efficiency Slurry Pump 65ZJ Head Effiiency Slurry Pump 80ZJ High Eff. Slurry Pump 100ZJ High efficiency Metal Slurry Pump 150ZJ High Pressure and Efficiency Slurry Pump 200ZJ High Head Slurry Pumps 250ZJ High Head and Efficiency Slurry pump 300ZJ High Head and Efficiency Slurry pump 

TL(R) Series Desulfurization Pump (FGD Pump)

10/8S-G Centrifugal Gravel Pump TL(R) Series Horizontal FGD Pump 350 X-TL(R) FGD Pump 400 X-TL(R) FGD Pump 500 X-TL(R) FGD Pump 600 X-TL(R) FGD Pump 700 X-TL(R) FGD Pump 800 X-TL(R) FGD Pump 900 X-TL(R) FGD Pump 1000 X-TL(R) FGD Pump SMG200-S Centrifugal Gravel Pump 

Vertical Centrifugal Slurry Pump

SP Sump Slurry Pump

40PV-SP Sump Slurry Pump 40PVL-SP Lengthening Sump Slurry Pump 65QV-SP Sump Slurry Pump 65QVL-SP Lengthening Sump Slurry Pump 100RV-SP Sump Slurry Pump 100RVL-SP Lengthening Sump Slurry Pump 150SV-SP Sump Slurry Pump 150SVL-SP Lengthening Sump Slurry Pump 200SV-SP Sump Slurry Pump 200SVL-SP Lengthening Sump Slurry Pump 250TV-SP Sump Slurry Pump 250TVL-SP Lengthening Sump Slurry Pump 300TV-SP Sump Slurry Pump 300TVL-SP Lengthening Sump Slurry Pump SP(R) Sump Slurry Pump SMSP40-PV Sump Slurry Pump SMSP65-QV Sump Slurry Pump SMSP100-RV Sump Slurry Pump SMSP150-SV Sump Slurry Pump SMSP200-SV Sump Slurry Pump 

SPR Sump Slurry Pump

40PV-SPR Sump Slurry Rubber Pump 40PVL-SPR Lengthen Sump Slurry Rubber Pump 65QV-SPR Sump Slurry Rubber Pump 65QVL-SPR Lengthening Sump Slurry Rubber Pump 100RV-SPR Sump Slurry Rubber Pump 100RVL-SPR Lengthening Sump Slurry Rubber Pump 150SV-SPR Sump Slurry Rubber Pump 150SVL-SPR Lengthening Sump Slurry Rubber Pump SMSPR40-PV Rubber Sump Pump SMSPR65-QV Rubber Sump Pump SMSPR100-RV Rubber Sump Pump SMSPR150-SV Rubber Sump Pump SMSPR40-PVL Lengthening Rubber Sump Pump SMSPR65-QVL Lengthening Rubber Sump Pump SMSPR100-RVL Lengthening Rubber Sump Pump SMSPR150-SVL Lengthening Rubber Sump Pump 

AF Vertical Froth Pump

2QV-AF Vertical Froth Pump 3QV-AF Vertical Froth Pump 4RV-AF Vertical Froth Pump 6SV-AF Vertical Froth Pump SMAF50 Vertical Froth Pump SMAF75 Vertical Froth Pump SMAF100 Vertical Froth Pump SMAF150 Vertical Froth Pump 

Mine Pumps

HH Series High Head Mining Duty Pump

1.5/1C-HH High Head Mining Duty Pump 3/2D-HH High Head Mining Duty Pump 4/3E-HH High Head Mining Duty Pump 6/4F-HH High Head Mining Duty Pump SMHH25-C High Head Mining Duty Pump SMHH50-D High Head Mining Duty Pump SMHH75-E High Head Mining Duty Pump SMHH100-F High Head Mining Duty Pump 6S-H High Head Mining Duty Pump SMH150-S High Head Mining Duty Pump 

AH(R) Series Tailing Thickener Slurry Pumps

1.5/1B-AH Mining Slurry Pump AH Series Slurry pump for Mine 2/1.5B-AH Mining Centrifugal Slurry Pump 3/2C-AH Mining Slurry Pump 4/3C-AH Mine Slurry Pump 4/3D-AH Mine Slurry Pump 6/4D-AH Centrifugal Mining Slurry Pump 6/4E-AH Heavy Duty Mining Slurry Pump 8/6E-AH Heavy Duty Centrifugal Mining Pump 8/6R-AH Heavy Duty Centrifugal Mining Pump 10/8ST-AH Mining Centrifugal Slurry Pump 12/10ST-AH Large Mine Slurry Pump 14/12ST-AH Mining Centrifugal Slurry Pump SMAH25-B Mining Slurry Pump SMAH38-B Mining Slurry Pump SMAH50-C Mining Slurry Pump SMAH75-C Mining Slurry Pump SMAH100-D Mining Slurry Pump SMAH100-E Mining Slurry Pump SMAH150-E Mining Slurry Pump 

AF Series Froth Pump

2QV-AF Froth Pump 3QV-AF Froth Pump 4RV-AF Froth Pump 6SV-AF Froth Pump SMAF50 Froth Pump SMAF75 Froth Pump SMAF100 Froth Pump SMAF150 Froth Pump 

ZGB(P) Series Mineral Processing Pump

ZGB series Mine Pump 250ZGB Mining Tailling Slurry Pump 300ZGB Centrifugal Mine Slurry Pump 200ZGB Centrifugal Mine Slurry Pump 150ZGB Mining Slurry Pump 100ZGB Centrifugal Mine Pump 80ZGB Centrifugal Mine Slurry Pump 65ZGB High Head Mine Slurry Pump 

G(H) Series Ball Mill Discharge Slurry Pump

4 inch Mine Slurry Pump 6 Inch Mine Slurry Pump 8 Inch Mine Slurry Pump 8 Inch High Head Mine Slurry Pump 10 Inch Mine Slurry Pump 10 Inch High Head Mine Pump 12 Inch Mine Slurry Pump 14 Inch High Head Mine Pump SMG250-G Mine Slurry Pump SMGH250-G High Head Mine Pump SMGH350-TU High Head Mine Pump SMGH200-S High Head Mine Pump SMG200-F Mine Slurry Pump SMG300-G Mine Slurry Pump SMG100-D Mine Slurry Pump SMG150-E Mine Slurry Pump 

ZJ Series Flotation Machine Feeding Pump

ZJ Series Mining Slurry Pump 300ZJ High Head and Efficiency Mine pump 250ZJ High Head and Efficiency Mine pump 200ZJ High Head Mine Slurry Pumps 150ZJ High Head and High Efficiency Mine Pump 100ZJ High efficiency Mine Slurry Pump 80ZJ High Eff. MIne Slurry Pump 65ZJ Head Effiiency mine Slurry Pump 40ZJ High Efficiency Mine Slurry Pump 

Sand / Dredge Pump

G Series Sand Pumping Pumps

6/4D-G Centrifugal Gravel Pump 8/6E-G Centrifugal Gravel Pump 10/8F-G Centrifugal Gravel Pump 12/10G-G Centrifugal Gravel Pump 12/10F-G Gravel Centrifugal Pump 14/12G-G Gravel Centrifugal Pump 18/16 T-G Gravel Pump G(GH) Series Gravel Sand Pump SMG300-G Centrifugal Gravel Pump SMG250-G Centrifugal Gravel Pump SMG400-T Gravel Pump SMG100-D Centrifugal Gravel Pump SMG150-E Centrifugal Gravel Pump SMG250-F Centrifugal Gravel Pump SMG200-F Centrifugal Gravel Pump 

GH Series High Head Sand Suction Pumps

10/8S-GH High Head Gravel Pump 12/10G-GH High Head Gravel Pump 16/14TU-GH High Head Gravel Pump SMGH250-G High Head Gravel Pump SMGH200-S High Head Gravel Pump SMGH350-TU High Head Gravel Pump 

WN Series Dredge Slurry Pumps

WN(Q) Series Dredging Pump 250 WN Dredging Pump 250 WND Dredging Pump 200 WN Dredging Pump 300 WN Dredging Pump 300 WND Dredging Pump 350 WN Dredging Pump 400 WN Dredging Pump 450 WN Dredging Pump 500 WN Dredging Pump 500 WNQ Dredging Pump 600 WN Dredging Pump 600WNQ Underwater Dredging Pump 700 WN Dredging Pump 700WNQ Underwater Dredging Pump 800 WN Dredging Pump 800 WNQ Underwater Dredging Pump 850 WN Dredging Pump 900 WN Dredging Pump 1000 WN Dredging Pump 

Spare Parts For Slurry Pumps

Metal Spare Parts

The Coupling for Pump and Motor Mechanical Seal For Pump Customize Metal Impeller Customize Metal Cover Plate and Frame Plate Metal Frame Plate of Slurry Pump Metal Cover Plate of Slurry Pump Metal Slurry Pump Volute Liner Slurry Pump Shaft Slurry Pump Shaft Sleeve Centrifual Slurry Pump Liner OEM Centrifugal Pump Shaft Slurry Pump Bearing Assembly Customize Metal Liner Slurry Pump Frame 

Nonmetallic material spare parts

Rubber Impeller Of Slurry Pump Polyurethane Impeller of Slurry Pump 

High Chrome Cast Iron Parts

Metal Impeller of Mine Slurry pump Slurry Pump Volute Cosing Slurry Pump Rear Liner or Front Liner 

Energy Saving Products Matching With Pump

Efficient Permanent Magnet Motor (Custom Motor)

Low-voltage 1500RPM Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Low-voltage 1000RPM Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Low-voltage 1500RPM Frequency Conversion three-phase PMSM Low-voltage 1000RPM Frequency Conversion three-phase PMSM High-voltage Asynchronous Starting PMSM High-voltage Frequency Conversion PMSM 

Variable Frequency Drive For Pump

Variable Frequency Drive For Water Pump 

Water Pump

Double Suction Pump

HDSN Double-suction Split Case Centrifugal Pump 150mm Double-suction Centrifugal Pump 200mm Double-suction Centrfugal Pump 250mm Double suction Centrifugal Pump 300mm HDSN Centrifugal Double Suction pump 350mm Centrifugal Double-suction Pump 400mm Double Suction Centrifugal Water Pump 450mm Centrifugal Double-sction Water Pump 500mm Double suction Split Case Pump 600mm Double-suction Centrifugal Pump 

Chemical Pump

IH Chemical Centrifugal Pump CZ Chemical Centrifugal Pump ZA Chemical Centrifugal Pump 50mm IH Chemical Centrifugal Pump 65mm IH Chemical Centrifugal Pump 65-40 IH Centrigal Chemical Pump 80-65 IH Centrifugal Chemical Pump 80-50 IH Chemical Process Pump 100-80 IH Stainless Chemical Pump 100-65 IH Centrifugal Chemical Pump 125-100 Ih Chemical Centrifugal Pump 150-125 Ih Centrifugal Chemical Process Pump 200-150 IH Chemical Process Pump 

Clean Water Pump

IS Centrifugal Clean WaterPump 

Sewage Pump

WQ Submersible Sewage Pump FY(W) Vertical Submerged Pump 

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